Sunday, July 28, 2013

Piano Lessons for Children & Adults

If I've not mentioned it before, would like to do so now:
I'm a piano teacher, and I'm currently looking for more students to fill up my free slots.

Here's more information:

Piano Lessons for Children & Adults

* Fun & Relaxed Lessons
* ABRSM Syllabus
* Practical & Theory
* Individual/ Group (Theory) Lessons
* Children & Adult
* Beginners Welcome
* Reasonable Fees

About the Teacher:
* Qualified with 7 years of teaching experience to students as young as 4 years old as well as working adults
* Dedicated and responsible
* Lessons can be conducted at Teacher's Home (Near Admiralty MRT)
* Lessons can also be conducted at Student's Home (Woodlands/Sembawang/Yishun Area)

You can call/sms me (my name's Jaime) @ 91997734 or email me at for any enquiries.

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Freebie: CNY Printable Cute '福' Cookie Jar Labels and Ang Bao Packets

Here's something nice for Chinese New Year!

I came up with this idea to design a cute and 'professional' looking label for the new year cookies after a lame attempt last mooncake festival to fool my sister that the mooncakes were store bought instead of home made. She remarked that one look at the label, and she knew I made them! I just printed out the names in black and white on a small piece of paper and stuck them on the box then.
So, here's my attempt for a more polish and professional packaging!

I'm really satisfied with them, so would like to share them with everybody! The labels comes in 3 sizes, Large (about 9cms in diameter), Medium (6cms) and Small (4cms). It's been sized to fit an A4 paper when printing!*


I'm so psyched with the labels, I decided to design matching Ang Baos (Red Packets) as well! I chanced upon this template a couple of days ago at An origami heart shaped red packet! How apt - As this year Chinese New Year falls on the 14th Febuary, on Valentine's Day! So, with the template, here's my design with 3 different backgrounds! Go for a more traditional but chic look with the flowery background! Or stand out with the bold and modern stripes! Are you a die hard romantic with a penchant for everything 'hearts' on Valentine's Day? - How about the hearts background? Leave a message or your name at the back of the Ang Bao to the one you're giving it to, making it more meaningful!

You can find the folding here.

Ang Bao 1

Ang Bao 2

Ang Bao 3

Hope that you'll like the designs and find them useful. Only 6 more days to CNY. I'll be back in my hometown from tomorrow, so here's wishing you a very Happy Chinese New Year! Huat ah!

*I don;t have the time to tkae the pictures of them on the jar yet! Will update once I'm back from my hometown! :)

Credits: - Heart shaped Ang Bao template. - Digital scrapbooking papers and embellishments.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Fresh From the Oven...

What I've baked for CNY so far:

..::Green Tea Jewels::..

..::Green Peas Cookies::..

..::Pineapple Cookies::..

That's it... The cookies are ok.. The Green Peas Cookies taste the best.. The Pineapple Cookies are ok, Hubby commented that the filling are a tad too hard.. I find the crust too crumbly too.. I added a little too much water, because it was so hard to press it out from the cookies presser. My arms are still sore now.. Wanted to make more.. Arghhh.. too tired (lazy) to do so.. :)

On a brighter note:

My Fatt Koh/Huat Kueh smiled!!!! I did it this morning..

..::Fatt Koh/ Huat Kueh::..

Yay! So happy!! I'm trying 'proving' a batter for something else right now.. If it works out I'll post the picture.. :)

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Good Start For The Year!

Had a pleasant surprise the other day when I opened the mailbox! A letter from Cleo stating I've won a Maybelline Hamper set worth $100! Wow! I've never won anything from a magazine in my life! I don't always join those contests in magazine, but still... Yup! It's a great way to start the year! :)


Started my New Year baking yesterday. I only did the shopping yesterday itself, so I started rather late. Make a few 'Fatt Koh' or 'Huat Kueh' that doesn't 'Fatt/Huat' and a batch of Green Tea Cookies that just tasted ok.. I expected more..
Oh well, gonna bake more later.. Hopefully things will turn out better today...

Yay! We're gonna take our family portrait this weekend.. Not gonna say much first so not to 'jinx' it. It's sooooooo hard to arrange all your family members to get together, when now everybody is working (especially my dad!). But I think I manage to do it.. Keeping my fingers crossed everything will work out as planned! I'll update on this soon.. :)

Ok.. I'm off to start my baking!!!!

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Friday, January 09, 2009

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year and Happy 6 Months Old!

Yes! I know, I really should update more often.. and I will.... try..

Wow.. before you even realize it, our Piglet Chan is 6 months old today! I was telling Hubby a couple of days ago, how I missed our little 1 month old Piglet Chan.. :)

A little update, at 6 months, Aiden:

1) Is able to pull himself forward a little, go backwards with ease.
2) Rolls around a lot, moves himself in 360 degrees like crazy!
3) Loves singing.. but of course in his own little language! We discovered that he loves oldies.. be it Chinese or English.. lol..
4) Loves eating his digestible biscuits.. give him 1 and he stuff all right into his mouth at a go, like we've not fed him for ages.
5) Simply adores going out, he smiles like there's no tomorrow if you bring him out. Keep him at home for a whole day, and he'll be grouchy like hell..
6) Loves his walker.. he can move around with ease now.. his latest stunt was moving sideways like a crab.. god know where he learned that from..
7) Smiles and laugh a lot more these days.. but his laughter are still those soundless ones.. you can see his mouth open really big but not a squeak will come out.. and he throws a whole lot of tantrums too.. this son of mine have a really mean temper.. hmmmmm..
8) Loves his ABC flashcards.. you can flash it repeatedly for a hundred time in front of him and he never gets tired of them.. so much more better than any other toys!
9) Still couldn't sit on his own unsupported... but he's on his way there..
10) Weighs 8.5kgs and about 70cms in length.. everybody was complaining how heavy he was.. recently, he decided to go on diet and started refusing his milk..
11) Recognizes his family, but is a little wary of strangers. But he warms up to them quickly, especially if you are fair.. lol..
12) Have both his double eyelids already! For the longest time, he had single eyelid on the right eye and double on the left.. yup! They both are double eyelid now! Lol..

I thinks that's about it.. will updates with photos soon.. Ciao! :)

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy 4 months old Darling!!

Aiden turned 4 months yesterday!! How time flies! I feel I'm missing so much of his progress not being there by his side everyday! My mum, knowing how much I missed him, gives me a detailed report everyday of his progress..... I can't wait for the day when I can bring him back here for good, and have him by my side 24/7... Don't think it'll be anytime soon though...

Been really down these past few weeks.. Nothing seems to be going my way, be it at work or my personal life... my only bright spark is little Aiden boy.. He's the only thing right now that makes this depressing world a little brighter, makes life a little more worthwhile to live on.. Right now, I'm only looking towards the weekends when I can see him, touch him, hug him, kiss him...

Aiden's milestone so far:

1) Aiden lifted his head by himself even before he is one month old! Thus earning the nickname Stiff-Neck from my mum..

2) He started smilling slightly after his first month. This son of mine is one cool bugger. He hardly smile, but when he does... Awwww.. it'll melt your heart.

3) He started talking at about 2 months.. his vocab has doubled since. Just recently, he kept going 'Buuu Buuu' when he wants to be carried.

4) He flipped on his own just last week! And he will drag him self a couple of inches forward when he's on the mattress. So amazing!!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aiden's Birth Story

It's really hard to imagine two such imperfect people could create such a perfect little thing. We were anticipating Aiden's arrival since the day we knew we were pregnant. But as the days drew nearer, everything seems surreal! It's very hard to imagine the both of us as parents. But the moment when he first popped out, all worries and self doubts we had before just vanished. Our lives are now complete...

I've actually asked Aiden if he'd prefer coming on the 6th (060708 - nice number), 7th (070708 - It's Junior's birthday, we were wondering if Aiden wanted to share his birthday with gor gor) or the 8th (080708 - hehe.. just fancy this date too). Of course, as usual this little naughty boy of mine did not response. He's probably thinking he should be the one deciding as and when he should appear, not us.. Lol.

July 5th 2008
Have had Braxton Hicks the past few days. But I was telling Aiden not to make his appearance today. It's because I wanted to attend Junior's 1 year old birthday party! And I did! Angel kept saying that Aiden's probably waiting to come out on the 7th. I told Aaron, 7th also good la.. cos Pearl, Daniel and Sarah was in town that weekend. I wanted to meet her the next day.

July 6th 2008
I was feeling great. No signs of baby coming out. We went ahead and met up with Pearl, Daniel and Sarah. Pearl's pregnant again with her 2nd child! So happy for them. Spend the day eating! Had Katong Laksa for lunch then we went over to Hagen Daz for ice cream. I was eating up a storm! Went home and still no signs that baby is coming anytime soon.. Discussed with my Mum, and because I kept having the feeling that baby's gonna pop out soon, she agree to come over the next day.

July 7th 2008
Dunno why, but everybody seems to think that today's the day.. Aaron called every other minute from work, asking me if I'm feeling anything.. No lehz.. Just Aiden kicking away in the tummy. Aaron went to pick up my Mum after work. When she arrived, I told Aiden.. ok.. Grandma's here.. you can come out le.. He responded with a kick!

July 8th 2008
After anticipating for so many days.. I guess the both of us lost a little of the enthusiasm. Aiden just might have decided to wait till his due date, which was still 5 days away. Aaron called less often today, I guess he's more assured now that he knows that my mum is with me. As for me, I was making plans with my Mum to go shopping the next day. Aaron had a dinner function that night, so he was home rather late.

July 9th 2008
2.30am - Aiden woke me up with a really hard kick. Patted my tummy for some time but he refused to settle down. Decided to go pee, hoping he'll settle after a while. The moment I stood up.. water leaked out! I stood there, panicked for a while then quickly rushed into the bathroom. I called out the Aaron, 'It's time!' He jumped out of the bed immediately. 'You sure?' Wow.. this is the first time I've seen him so alert straight after waking up! Just then a bigger puddle of water splashed out. Yes, I'm sure..

3.30am - After bathing, we woke my Mum up to inform her, then made our way to the hospital. I was worry about not having something to eat, because I was feeling a little hungry by then. Made Aaron stop at the petrol station to get me a drink and some bread. When we arrived at the hospital, I was wheeled to the temporary ward. All the way there, the amniotic water was still leaking.. I thought that when the water bag burst, the water would come out all at once. Apparently I thought wrong. It was really messy..

5.30am - I've started having contractions since 3 plus, but it was really mild and was about 5-6mins apart. While in the temporary ward, I was really distracted by the lady next to me (we were separated only by a curtain). There she was, moaning so loudly.. she seemed to be in a lot of pain.. *Shudders*.. Some nurses came in and wheeled her away. A few minutes later I was wheeled into the labour ward as well. Yay! I was re-united with Aaron. He brighten up at the sight of the armchair.. probably thinking he can have his nap there later.

6am - Doctor came in to check and I was only 1cm dilated. The pain was increasing by then, but still bearable. The nurse asked if I wanted breakfast. Yes! I was hungry! But by the time the food arrived, the pain has worsen, and I've lost my appetite! Ate a little, then past it all to Aaron. He finished it up, then told me he's still hungry. I told him to go have his breakfast first. He went off and I managed to take a nap.

1pm - The pain was getting really bad. Took laughing gas, but besides of making me high and had me laughing deliriously, the pain did not subside. Yes, I was in great pain but laughing away..
Had a jab on the thigh too.. that didn't work either..
Then they had the nerve to send me lunch, I felt like throwing it back to them.. Who in the world would want to eat when their in so much pain! Oh.. Aaron ate it..
I was thinking this is probably it! The doctor's coming soon, and baby will come out and yay! I can rest! The nurse came and check on me, then told us I was only 2cm dilated!!!! What the... this is not it?!?!?! Baby is not coming yet? She smiled and told me worse has yet to come.. OMG!!! Give me epidural now!!!!!!

3pm - The doctor who administer me the epidural came and went.. I was in bliss.. It took away 85% of the pain, which was a big deal. Managed to catch some sleep. Aaron did too..

7.30pm - Doctor came and check.. I'm fully dilated! The nurses told me to push.. So there I was.. pushing, and pushing... and pushing.. OMG.. I was totally exhausted.. and my gyne wasn't even here yet... The nurse was supporting me on my right and Aaron was holding on to me on my left. I remember the nurse kept giving me lots of encouragements.. I kept on nodding to her then turn to Aaron and tell him I can't do it. Aaron kept patting me.. At one point I think I actually doze off from exhaustion!

8.15pm - Doctor finally here.. She said 'Let's do it! Push!' Geez.. what did she think I was doing the past 45mins? So, I pushed and pushed and pushed..

Aiden finally made his appearance at 8.34pm and no, I didn't cry when I first saw him.. I think I was too tired to do so.. So that was it.. after more than 15 hours of labor.. we finally met our son! :)

p/s: The next day a lady came and did a survey asking at the scale of 1 to 10, how do I rate the epidural, I give it a full 10/10.. because I felt it saved my life.. I couldn't imagine going through so many hours of labour without it. I guess my threshold of pain was really low.. anyway, my salutes to all mummies who managed to give birth naturally without anesthesia. You guys are amazing!

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Thanks Elise for the link! I found this site when I was browsing through your photos in Facebook. :)

These clever people used a photo detection technology and superimposed your face into pictures. Exactly like what Aaron loves doing using Photoshop! But these saves you the hassle! There's over 60+ pictures for you to dabble with. You can appear on TV, Billboards, In the Museum, or as Jack Sparrow and Superman. Do try it! It's fun! PhotoFunia

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